Black Widow movie rating won’t be R, says Kevin Feige

Kevin feige has said in the past that he doesn’t look for R-rated movies, and when asked about the success of dead Pool and Logan, he has answered, “My takeaway from these two films isn’t the R rating, it’s the risk they took, the chances they took, the creative limits they pushed. It should be everyone’s takeout. And yet, rumors inevitably surfaced that the next Black Widow the film would be rated R. has now confirmed that Black Widow will not be rated R with Feige saying, “It was never going to be. Someone writes, “Heard it was rated R! And then everyone writes it. It turns out that the rumor was never more than that. These rumors crop up not only because people shy away from doing due diligence, but also because there is a contingent among fans who believe that an R rating is somehow more mature and therefore leads to a better movie. .

However, as Feige correctly pointed out two years ago, the reason these R-rated films were successful was because the films pushed the boundaries, and not because they had the amount of blood and curses. required which would justify an R rating. I am sure the Black Widow the rumor arose because she’s a spy, she’s supposed to be more gritty or something, but we’ve seen a lot of great PG-13 spy movies. Plus, you don’t need an R rating to sell Black Widow. She is already popular and has a recognized name. She doesn’t need to be drastically reinvented for her own series. Marvel fans will likely show up for a Black Widow movie because they like to see Scarlett johansson like Black Widow, not because the word “fuck” is spoken more than once.

The Black Widow the film currently has no release date, and as it should be released after Avengers: Endgame, Marvel has kept all production details secret. Johansson will be the star, and Cate shortland (Berlin Syndrome) will run a script of Jac schaeffer. We’ll probably know more details later this year after everyone has seen End of Game.

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Image via Marvel Studios


Image via Marvel Studios


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