Call my agent !, Netflix review

Apparently, it took a while before the cream of the French acting profession could be persuaded to appear in a TV series that sheds sardonic light on the relationship between actors and their agents – or maybe it is. were their agents who were harboring reserves – but once the ball started rolling, there was no way to stop them. Some of the guest stars of Call my agent won’t be too familiar to non-French viewers, but in the first two series we saw Nathalie Baye and her daughter Laura Smet, Audrey Fleurot (from Spiral celebrity), Isabelle Adjani and Juliette Binoche. The new third series gives way to Jean Dujardin, Monica Bellucci, Isabelle Huppert and Béatrice Dalle.

In France they call this show Ten percent, referring to the commission an actor pays their agent, but it’s not all about money. The life of the group of agents of the ASK (Agence Samuel Kerr), based in Paris, provides a lot of fodder for the drama, ambition, lust, jealousy and panic, and the death of the eponymous Samuel Kerr at the start of the first series (allegedly during an orgy in Rio de Janeiro) sparked a succession struggle in which wily veteran Mathias Barneville (Thibault de Montalambert) took the upper hand, at least temporarily (in photo below of right, Isabelle Adjani, de Montalambert and Camille Cottin).

Around him, the ambitious voracious Andréa Martel (Camille Cottin) will do almost anything to recruit the best actors, while Gabriel Sarda (Grégory Montel) prefers a more soothing and empathetic approach so as not to hurt the fragile ego of an actor. A lot of mileage has been pressed since the arrival at the agency of the naive ingenuous Camille Valentini (Fanny Sidney). She is Mathias’ daughter from a previous marriage, a fact that took enormous energy and ingenuity and a few ridiculous Brian Rix moments to stay in hiding … until, inevitably, it wasn’t. case.

The smart part is how the ‘real’ actors don’t just look famous, but become an integral part of the drama and can be summoned to throw insurmountable problems at their exhausted agents (hat, if you will, to the creators Fanny Herrero and Dominique Besnehard). The problems of stars often stem from vanity, insecurity and aging. Baye / Smet’s story revolved around the idea that mother and daughter were chosen from the same movie, but horrified to learn that the set would leave them incarcerated together on a small boat for three months. Neither of them wanted to admit that they couldn’t bear to be so close to each other for so long.

Cécile de France rather heroically played the role of herself in the hope of being cast in a new Tarantino film, only to be vetoed because she was too old (40 years old). She only found out by accident, as her agent Gabriel was too scared to tell her. Christophe Lambert allowed himself a brief stroll as an aging thug, while Audrey Fleurot described the plight of an actress supposed to perform pole dance scenes on camera soon after having a baby. Gérard Lanvin does a nice trick as an aging veteran feeling threatened by an exuberant young newcomer.

After the second series ended with a gala episode at the Cannes Film Festival, in which Juliette Binoche and her agent Andréa mounted a heroic retaliation against a Weinstein-esque cadre with shady designs on Binoche and the power to undo the film that it proposed to produce, the new Series Three got off to a slightly slow start. The characters have juggled a bit, and the agency’s new owner, self-taught aggressive mogul Hicham Janowski (Assaad Bouab), threatens to tip the show off its axis with his frenzied control in the personal and professional spheres.

Yet there is a lot of humor in Jean Dujardin’s portrayal of an actor so obsessed with method that he cannot shake off his role as an army deserter living in a forest and ends up in a tent. in his garden, eating wild rabbits (photo above). Monica Bellucci, meanwhile, pastiche the pampered life of a sexpot superstar by pouncing on a dumbfounded Gabriel, who is forced to flee for his life. Try it, why soha.

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