Cinderella 2021 movie reviews are extremely bad

Reviews are ringing on Cinderella 2021 with Camila Cabello, and while reviews are mixed to negative, the musical still has its high marks.

The clock struck midnight, and Camila Cabello’s reviews Cinderella began to roll. The film, which was directed by Kay Cannon (Perfect), will stream on Amazon Prime from September 3. The film will also star Billy Porter as his fairy godfather Fab G, Idina Menzel as evil stepmother Vivian, Minnie Driver as Queen Beatrice, Pierce Brosnan as King Rowan and James Corden as James (Corden recently made waves in a Cinderella flash mob, dancing in the street in a mouse costume).

Cinderella is a modernized musical adaptation of the classic fairy tale. It will use a Knight’s Tale Style approach to song choice, which includes covers of pop hits like Madonna’s “Material Girl”, Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” and Queen’s “Somebody to Love”, as well as original tracks. The film will depart from the mainstream story by having her prince meet Cinderella, but will decide to pursue her dream of becoming a seamstress rather than running away with him.

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Now that the critics have finally been unleashed on the film, fans can get a taste of what they could expect from Cinderella. One thing critics can agree on is that the film is a superficial affair, although they seem to be divided on whether this makes the film a fun adventure or if it leaves it a hollow experience. . The cast seem to have come off without a hitch, with many agreeing that there is a full roster of performing artists. The only actor who has had very different reviews is Cabello, who surprises some in his debut as a feature film actor and leaves others cold. Here are some prime quotes from reviews from critics:

Lovia Gyarkye, Hollywood journalist

As promising as this premise may sound, Cinderella succumbs to the weight of his intentions, and even his formidable actors – Menzel, Billy Porter, Minnie Driver and Pierce Brosnan – cannot save him. It lacks the magic and elegance, the magnetic qualities that made Rodgers and Hammerstein’s 1997 reboot, for example, irresistible.

Pete Hammond, Deadline

It’s interesting to see this new take on right now, especially given recent events in the Royal Family with Harry and Meagan and a reshuffle of priorities in that regard. This CinderellaThe timing looks good for the money, and is a harmless make-up (no more, no less) to the target audience and certainly Cabello fans, who see this charming artist taking on and tackling new challenges head on.

Ella Kemp, Empire

Unsurprisingly, Billy Porter is entertaining, but his “Fab G” – this film’s version of the fairy godmother – relies on superficial empowerment slogans (“Yassss future queen,” he says, snapping his fingers as Cinderella smiles and spins) instead of real magic. No number of Idina Menzel highlights (including “Material Girl,” for whatever reason) can save a dull script.

Clarisse Loughrey, Independent

Cinderella sorely lacking feminist references. Its protagonist recognizes the limits of her fairytale world – it is verboten for women to own businesses – but only works to improve her own life. If it can attract foreign customers to the ball and secure its own financial future, who needs solidarity or fraternity?

Yolande Machado, The Envelope

Cannon takes the classic fable and reinvents it for a generation that grew up on a mixed diet Perfect scenarios and Disney Channel The descendants franchise. It’s a teenage movie, giving them a message of patronage feminism, and he doesn’t apologize for it. Structurally, Cannon composes the film almost like a lovingly curated stream of similarly styled TikToks. Bouncing from musical number to musical number, each scene showcases incredible costume work but offers little substance or depth.

Anna Menta, Decision maker

No one can say that artists don’t give everything. Cabello proves that she is a capable comedic actress, especially when she finds her way into high society or stumbles over her words when a queen asks her where she found her dress. (“This is what I did… this is what I did!”) Galitzine is charmingly arrogant as a harmless brother, Brosnan is utterly hysterical as a narcissistic king and Porter is clearly born to play a fairy godmother. The entire cast blends in with Cannon’s manic sense of humor, for maximum comedic effect.

Jackson McHenry, Vulture

The whole project is hermetically sealed, predictable from the moment Cabello tries to play Ella as The beauty and the BeastBelle’s like she’s trying a TikTok challenge. A musical, theoretically, could reveal something beneath the surface, whatever thoughts its character isn’t able to articulate in the dialogue. But there’s nothing below the surface here, just a girl trying to sell you a dress.

Caroline Siede, AV Club

Cannon combines the contagious musical spirit of his Perfect storylines with the deadpan comedic sensibility she brought to the teenage half of her directorial debut, Blockers, resulting in a musical that’s decidedly better than its disastrous trailer suggested. While this version of Cinderella probably won’t top the list of best adaptations of all time, it’s a twinkling, twinkling family comedy, cohesive in tone and confident in what it wants to be. And most importantly, he just wants to be flashy karaoke.

Camila Cabello Cinderella Amazon trailer

it doesn’t look Cinderella has escaped a negative comparison with the multitude of earlier adaptations of the same material. According to many reviews, Cabello struggles to shine compared to previous Cinderella Brandy and Lily James. Likewise, there seems to be a lack of creativity in many of the choices here (even Cinderellathe use of the song “Somebody to Love”, which previously appeared in the adaptation of Cinderella Ella, delighted).

Fans of Cabello and Kay Cannon (who also directed the teen versus parent comedy Blockers in 2018) will certainly want to check again Cinderella, but they may want to escape down the palace steps before the end. However, those with a sweet tooth will likely enjoy this sweet confection despite its drawbacks. Critics may have a negative tendency, but even the pans can agree that the movie has some strong people in front of and behind the camera pulling it all together, and that’s always a plus.

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