Doctor Sleep movie ratings revealed

Doctor Sleep writer and director Mike Flanagan has revealed the official rating for Stephen King’s upcoming adaptation.

Filmmaker Mike Flanagan has announced the official rating of Doctor Sleep, his next adaptation of the Stephen King novel.

Flanagan, who wrote and directed the horror film, revealed that the film was rated R by the MPAA for its disturbing content, language, nudity and drug use. “Sounds fair,” he wrote, agreeing with the rating committee’s assessment.

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The film’s first trailer leaned heavily on the tropes and credentials of Stanley Kubrick’s acclaimed adaptation of The brilliant, as an adult, Danny Torrance revisited the Overlook Hotel decades after the events of classic history.

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The note confirms that Flanagan’s movie will similarly bring supernatural fears as Danny finds himself dealing with a girl with her own psychic abilities who is the target of a murderous cult. Judging by the MPAA’s rationale for the R rating, the adaptation is unlikely to prove itself in terms of graphics content.

Doctor Sleep, which focuses on adult Danny Torrance years after the traumatic events at the Overlook Hotel, stars Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson, Carl Lumbly, Alex Essoe and Zahn McClarnon. Its release is scheduled for November 8.


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