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A climax of almost half an hour would be the most exclusive element of Amal Neerad’s latest film, Fahad Faasil, star of the movie “Varathan”. He cannot be categorized into a particular genre, rather he accelerates with each step, shifting gears and is an artist all the time.

While there isn’t a whole lot of substance, the style remains on top. With style being a hallmark in most of Amal Neerad’s films, Varathan is no different. It can rather be labeled as an elegant thriller than a survival thriller.

From Big B to the CIA, Amal Neerad has built her own group of fans. The zeal and zest that his films have created with their style and casting has always been a matter of celebration for his fans. Fahadh Faasil star Varathan would never discourage them.

Varathan deals with a very simple plot but keeps the audience engaged throughout. It is a meeting film for Fahadh Faasil and Amal Neerad after the 2014 film by the team “Iyobinte Pusthakam”. Amal Neerad co-produced the film alongside Nazriya Nazim.

The story of the film takes place in the high end. The duo Aby (Fahadh) and Priya (Aishwarya Lekshmi) return to their hometown after losing their jobs in Dubai. They start to live on a farm in the high end. The plot revolves around their life, the issues they face and how they approach them. Strictly speaking, the film is nothing more.

The film opens with clichés like residents’ intolerance of expatriates returning to their hometowns, making them feel like strangers, acts of moral policing and intimidation, groups in tea rooms at the roadside and the goondaism of young men.

Although the story seems flat, Amal Neerad crafted the film well, making the viewer watch in wonder and thrill at the same time. The narration and script follow a “no nonsense” tone. The script was written by newbies Suhas and Sharfu.

The visuals, styling, action sequences, and background music rule the film and trump the cast, making it a typical Amal Neerad tale. But at the end of the day, it’s the director who keeps the crown. Still, he did his best to perfectly portray Aby and Priya throughout the movie. Aby is an IT professional who is calm and handles situations bluntly while Priya’s character conflicts with her husband’s cold nature. Amal Neerad used these characters in perfect spaces in the film. While such premises were also filmed earlier, the freshness of his treatment keeps Varathan from being left out.

The film turns into a perfect action flick towards the end although it shows no sign of being one at the start. The iconic shots of Amal Neerad and the incredible musical composition of Sushin Shyam are sure to give the viewer a thrilling experience.

Littil Swayamp Paul did wonders with his camera. He excelled in bringing a horror effect to the start of the film, although that does not create much confusion.

Fahadh is described as a typical city professional, except towards the end, when the character transforms into an action hero. When it comes to an actor like Fahadh, the character of Aby was never difficult and was safe in his arms. But only entering her third film, Aishwarya Lekshmi was stunned by her acting skills.

The villainous character of Sharaf U Dheen also deserves to be appreciated along with Dileesh Pothan. Other things to look for in Varathan would be the music by Sushin Shyam and the sound design by Tapas Nayak. Varathan is said to be the only film in which Amal Neerad used the least amount of replay, which is unusual for his style. But the film will not bring regret to a cinephile, that’s for sure.


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