Feel the Rajini Magic in ‘Petta’ | Movie rating: 3/5

Rajini is back… ‘Petta’ is a typical Rajini film. It’s a combination of song, dance, hard-hitting dialogue and powerful fighting. It is a film that will delight Rajini fans. Karthik Subbaraj showed how to present the star value of a superstar on the big screen.

The first half of Thalaivar’s intro scene is powerful. Although there was a slight lag in the second half, ‘Petta’ succeeded as he could present Rajinikanth with all his wit. All of Rajini’s expected manners are fulfilled from the early hours of the film.

Rajini’s arrival as the manager of a university hostel infamous for its slippages, coupled with the star’s fun, songs and dancing with the students, is happening at a rapid pace. Audiences will be enthralled by the curiosity to learn about the hero’s past as the story progresses through small incidents.

Even when there is no novelty in the plot, Vijay Sethupathi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Sasikumar and Bobby Simha made every scene mind blowing with their performances. While the Rajini-Simran combo became the highlight of the film, there was nothing left for Trisha to do.

When the beauty of the landscapes made the first half impressive, the second half was limited to the scenery. The bottom score added a spark to Thalaivar’s revenge. Although the climaxing continuous filming scenes irritate the audience, Rajini’s laughter that contrasts with the guesses will linger in the audience’s minds.

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