Film Reviews: “Some Like It Rare”, “The Ledge” (FrightFest Glasgow Film Festival)

Some like it rare

French horror comedy Some like it rare (barbecue; 2021) finds that bSophie (Marina Foïs) and Vincent (writer/director Fabrice Eboué) Pascal, a sexless married couple who are true crime addicts, have had a hard time with their butchery, but an incident involving one of a group of vegans who tears apart their business turns into an accidental success when certain parts of the victim’s body are accidentally sold to customers. This new item – which Vincent dubs “Iranian pork” – becomes an instant hit. How can the Pascals capitalize on this financial rejuvenation? You can probably guess, but knowing where things are going in this case doesn’t hurt Some like it rare a little. Loaded with great gore gags and dark humour, this terribly acted and directed effort keeps the laughs and jolts at a steady pace. Eboué serves up a lot of social satire, all kinds receiving a good, often well-deserved skewer.

The flange

Climbing enthusiasts may find a technical flaw in director Howard J. Ford’s British thriller The flange, but as someone who has both height giddiness and basophobia, the movie worked like a heck of a nail for me. Friends and veteran climbers Kelly (Brittany Ashworth) and Sophie (Anaïs Parello) arrive in the Italian Dolomites for a climb dedicated to Kelly’s late fiancé, who died when the couple climbed it a year earlier. Four Americans – Josh (Ben Lamb), Reynolds (Nathan Welsh), Nathan (Louis Boyer) and Taylor (David Wayman) – arrive for what turns out to be a tension-filled getaway that most didn’t really want to go on, because that Josh is a violent sociopath. Too scared of Josh not to make the trip, the men find themselves in hot water when Josh invariably goes to the brink and implicates the others in covering up a deadly deed. Kelly catches some of their despicable deeds on camera, and when they discover that fact, the hunt for over a towering face is on. Tom Boyle’s screenplay extracts the drama from fractured relationships between men, and although Josh’s character is heavy on the tropes of woman-hating and psycho-opportunistic action, Lamb throws himself into the role all the way, while that Ashworth gives a great performance that demands a lot of her physically. Ford (The hauntings of lockdown; The dead) steers with confidence, delivering a survival horror feature that delivers plenty of white-knuckle action.

Some like it rare and The flange screened as part of Arrow Video FrightFest Glasgow, which took place March 10-12 at the Glasgow Film Theater as part of the Glasgow Film Festival in Scotland.

Signature Entertainment Presents Some like it rare hitting digital platforms March 21 in the UK

Signature Entertainment Presents The flange on digital platforms March 14 and on DVD March 21 in the UK

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