How to watch Ricky, a 2009 French movie about a baby with angel wings

Look, it’s been a weird week. It’s been a weird month. It’s been a weird year. Why not add a weird movie about a boy with angel wings to the mix?

Ricky is a 2009 French film about a baby growing angel wings, and while that is as weird as it sounds, it also might be a better movie than you might imagine. Based on the recent surge in interest in this 10+ year old movie, I guess someone famous must have recommended Ricky as quarantine, watch over Hello america or something. So if you just hear about it Ricky for the first time, here is a little more info on the film.

What is the French film of 2009 Ricky In regards to?

Ricky is a fantasy film about a little boy who grows angel wings. If this plot sounds weird, cute, and slightly disturbing, you’re right. This bizarre film comes from acclaimed French director François Ozon, a key figure in French New Wave cinema who is perhaps best known in America for his 2002 film. 8 women and 2003 film Pool. Most recently, Ozon directed the 2016 World War I film Frantz, who was nominated for three Caesars.

Ricky is not as well known as some of Ozon’s other films, although it was nominated for an award at the 59th Berlin International Film Festival. French actress Alexandra Lamy stars as a struggling mother named Katie, who lives with her daughter Lisa (Mélusine Mayance) in social housing in Paris. Then Katie has another child, a little boy they name Ricky (Arthur Peyret), who has an… unusual quality. Namely, it grows angel wings and begins to fly. Sometimes the second baby is not, in fact, the easiest!

How to watch the Ricky online movie:

If I piqued your interest, good news: You can buy or rent the 2009 Ricky movie on digital platforms like iTunes, YouTube and Google Play. Although the price varies by platform, the movie costs between $ 2.99 and $ 3.99 to rent and between $ 9.99 and $ 12.99 to buy. Ricky (2009) is currently not available for purchase or rental on Amazon Prime.

East Ricky the movie on Netflix or Hulu?

No, sorry. You will need to take out your wallet if you want to watch The Baby With Angel Wings Movie.

is there Ricky (2009) trailer?

There is, in the form of a two-minute scene from the film in which Ricky grows his baby wings. If you can handle the mild body horror, go ahead and check out this weird and fascinating clip below. And if you’re into it, you can still rent the movie on demand. Enjoy!

Where to look Ricky

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