Is Morbius suitable for children? Why is it PG-13?

A new Marvel character is coming to our screens on April 1 in Morbus. But will this movie be as kid-friendly as any hero (or villain) movie? Morbius is rated PG-13, but what for? Here’s what we know about why the Sony Pictures movie has this rating.

To start, Morbius is not from Disney. The Marvel character is, and Sony Pictures has the rights to it. And the Sony Pictures Marvel universe is… complicated, to name just the list. Hit and miss. Nothing quite like our beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe. Will be Morbius change one’s mind ? If our screenwriter Ricky is right, it won’t be. Now, that doesn’t mean the movie is as bad as everyone claims, but it’s not a winner either.

Are you still planning to watch it? We don’t blame you! But should you take your kids to this movie or is it a movie Junior can skip? Well, we are not experts! All we can do is offer advice, movie suggestions, and why the movie is PG-13, because if that often matters Why, so you can make your decision.

Why is Morbius rated PG-13?

As Rotten Tomatoes shares, Morbius is rated PG-13 for chilling imagery, intense sequences of violence, and brief strong language. Alright, so not too many things, but do those things matter? Definitively! And it depends on each child.

Is Morbius suitable for children to watch?

Some children are more sensitive than others. While one 10-year-old may be able to handle “scary images”, the other may not and end up with nightmares. The same goes for violent scenes. Common Sense Media compares this film to Venom. My humble opinion is that this movie is more suitable for teenagers.

If you don’t take your child to see this film, there is always Sonic 2, which arrives in theaters on Friday, April 8. Now this is going to provide family fun!

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