Jake Gyllenhaal channels pent-up rage in The Guilty on Netflix


the guilty

(15A) stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Joe Baylor, an LAPD detective who is currently working late at a 911 call center while awaiting a hearing for unspecified indiscretions. Abrupt and indifferent as he deals with the audience, Joe is energized when he takes a call from Emily (Riley Keough), who whispers that she has been kidnapped by her husband Henry (Peter Sarsgaard), and is carried away. along the LA freeway to an unknown destination.

Stepping into action, Joe begins coordinating an investigation into Emily’s kidnapping from 911, his pent-up rage increasing with each failure to intercept Henry’s forward flight … Adapted by Nic Pizzolatto from Danish thriller Den Skylidge (2018) and directed by Antoine Fuqua, The Guilty is a stunning character study in which Joe Baylor unraveled before our eyes, even as he bends and breaks the rules in order to save Emily and her daughter Abby (Christiana Montoya ).

Gyllenhaal, who is onscreen and up close about 90% of the time, puts on a wonderfully expressive performance as Joe juggles phones and adopts different characters for each of the characters he engages with. Recalling The Call of 2013, starring Halle Berry, the story forces the viewer to engage their imaginations to the full: the most dramatic sequences take place elsewhere, with Joe tuned in and helplessly trying to influence events from miles away. . The result is an unusual but very effective and heartbreaking thriller. (Netflix)


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