John Wayne hated the idea of ​​a movie rating system

John Wayne had a very specific idea when it came to the movie industry. However, he saw how movie executives changed what they were looking for during his career. Wayne didn’t like the idea of ​​having a movie rating system, like the Motion Picture Association (MPA). He had a very specific message for the head of the organization.

John Wayne personifies the western film genre

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Wayne first entered the cinema thanks to director Raoul Walsh. However, he credits John Ford for really amplifying his name and giving him the opportunity to have the legendary career he had. Wayne bet on his performance in The big path, which ultimately failed at the box office. However, he will persevere later.

Film titles such as The real courage, The shooterand The man who shot Liberty Valance continue to immortalize Wayne as the personification of the western film genre. However, he believed in specific hero and villain archetypes, which fit perfectly into his performance style. As a result, he had a good understanding of what fans wanted.

John Wayne hated the idea of ​​a movie rating system

Roger Ebert interviewed Wayne in 1969 and spoke about the legendary actor’s perception of the movie rating system. He certainly didn’t approve of many changes in the film industry, including allowing more mature films to enter the spotlight.

“But I’m telling you, fuck, it’s all mixed up now,” Wayne said. “I got a letter from this guy who runs the Motion Picture Association. Jack Valenti. He wanted my opinion on the new rating system. I didn’t even respond because – well, my response would be that a such a thing should not be necessary in our industry.

Wayne continued, “The idea of ​​the movies is to provide the cheapest, most accessible entertainment in the world. Well, we gradually dissuaded ourselves from being the most economical. And now what will finally stop movies from being an American habit is that parents need to protect their children from pornography. It’s like when strippers took over burlesque.

Wayne wasn’t afraid to speak out against what he thought was wrong with the movie industry. He specifically talked about what “real movie people” should respect.

“All real movie people have always done family photos,” Wayne said. “But the downbeats and the so-called intelligentsia came in when the government stupidly split production companies and theaters. The old giants – Mayer, Thalberg, even Harry Cohn, despite the fact that I personally couldn’t stand it – were good for this industry.

Actor thinks movies only get ‘dirtier’ to make money

Wayne has made it known that he does not appreciate the profit-making strategies of more modern-day films. He saw the value in creating family entertainment for audiences across the country, rather than making a quick buck by appealing to viewers’ curiosity.

“Now the damn stock manipulators have taken over,” Wayne told Roger Ebert. “They don’t know anything about making movies. They do something dirty, and it makes money, and they say, ‘Jesus, let’s make it a little dirtier, maybe it’ll make more money.’ And now even the bankers are getting into it.

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