Maradona: A strong emotional thriller | Movie rating: 3/5 | Film by Maradona Malayalam

Maradona ‘with a panting male voice that says “I’ll be back”. The first scene itself hints at a survival thriller. Vishnu Narayan’s directorial debut is an emotional drama filled with a thriller nature.

The film is somewhat similar with Tovino star ‘Mayanadi’. The Krishnamoorthy scripted film is about Maradona who escapes from a crime with injuries and finds herself trapped in an apartment after being followed by a crew. It is only a short distance from Mathen to Maradona. However, there are some explicit differences between the two characters. Maradona does not have the “innocent veil of a criminal” like Mathen. Moreover, Maradona is not the victim. He is the hunter who hides and waits for a chance.

The thrill of the film is sometimes lost when it becomes sentimental like ‘Mayanadi’. The film also appears to be lagging behind after the interval.

The film has two tracks and interpretations. A track of the intrigue revolves around the crime committed by Maradona and his friend Sudhi (Tito Wilson) who are followed by a rating team led by Chemban Vinod. This is the part that can be described as elegant. The second track focuses on Maradona’s apartment life in Bangalore where he lives in hiding.

The two tracks are intertwined and presented with exciting visuals and background music during the first half. The second half starts with a wonderful action scene. It’s when the public understands why Maradona is under attack. But, the thrill gradually subsides.

Maradona is a character who has the same characteristics as that of Mayanadi. He is one of the more negative characters presented by Tovino. The film also marks Tovino’s talent and progression as a hero. The love between Maradona and Asha offers good times without artificial moods. Sharanya R Nair’s conversational style is also excellent. But, Asha’s attempts to lead Tovino on the right track seem like a cliché.

Deepak D Menon is the director of photography for the film. The presentation of the action sequences is attractive. The music is composed by Sushin Shyam. The background music succeeded in creating the whole ambience of the film.

The Malayalam film industry gets another unheard of presentation with Maradona, which will not disappoint those eagerly awaiting refreshing concepts.

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