Méandre (2020), a film by Mathieu Turi. movie reviews

Meander (Meander) is a 2020 horror-thriller film starring Gaia Weiss. It was written and directed by Mathieu Touri.

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meandering plot

In the film, a woman wakes up in a strange tube filled with deadly traps. His only option is to keep moving forward. But we don’t know how far it can go. (Filmaffinity)

movie reviews

“Once I managed to relax a bit – even though the film itself refused to do so – I got some enjoyment out of it (…) Rating: ??½ (out of 4)” Glenn Kenny: rogerebert.com

“[It] compensates in claustrophobic tension for what it lacks in logic (…) It’s in the sound design that the horror really plays out most effectively.” Wendy Ide: Screendaily

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Meander (2020)

Movie title: Meander

Date published: January 20, 2022

Director(s): Mathieu Touri

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