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Memento is a 2000 thriller film directed by Christopher Nolan based on the story of his brother, jonathan nolan. Featuring Guy Pearce, Carrie Anne Moss (Matrix) and Joe Pantoliano.

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Leonard (Guy Pearce) is an insurance investigator whose memory was damaged following a head injury he sustained after responding to his wife’s murder. His quality of life was severely hampered after this event, and he can now only live an understandable life by tattooing notes about himself and taking pictures of things with a Polaroid camera. The film is told in flashes before upcoming events that compensate for his unreliable memory, during which he has affairs with various complex characters. Leonard really wants revenge for his wife’s murder, but, as many characters explain, there may be no point if he doesn’t remember it in order to close it. The film oscillates between these future events and a phone conversation Leonard has in his motel room in which he compares his current condition to that of a client whose claim he has already handled. (filmaffinity)

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“A brave tribute to the spirit of ‘Point Blank’ (…) ‘Memento’ deconstructs time and space with Einstein-like dexterity in the service of a delightfully disturbing tale of revenge” Lisa Nesselson: Variety

“‘Memento’ is a thriller for people who are sick of thrillers, a puzzle movie in which the puzzle is truly worth the time and effort to solve” Marc Caro: Chicago Tribune

“I can’t remember when a movie felt so clever, oddly touching, and deviously funny all at the same time” Joe Morgenstern: The Wall Street Journal

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Remembrance (2000)

Movie title: Memento

Date published: January 22, 2022

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Director(s): Christopher Nolan


One of the best thrillers of this century

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