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Telugu360 Note 1/5

Happing comedy actors Rahul Ramakrishna and Priyadarsh ​​try their luck as a hero with a dark comedy titled Mithai. Directed by Prasanth Kumar, the film also features a group of newcomers in key roles.

Mithai has gained public attention ever since the wacky and funny trailers were released by the creators. The insane thriller tells the story of two eccentric friends who struggle in their professional lives. VivekSagar composed the tunes.

Let’s find out what awaits audiences with this original drama.

Story: Sai (Rahul), Jaani (Darshi) are childhood friends who reside in Hyderabad. This story of “Mithai” lasts four days during which Sai and Jaani are looking for a thief of the necklace. During a robbery in Sai’s apartment, thieves steal a necklace he bought for his fiancée. As the wedding is due in four days, Sai and Jaani decide to find the culprit. The rest of the story is about the situations they face in chasing the thief.

Analysis: Appealing trailers for young people aroused Mithai’s curiosity. Audiences expect black comedy or any kind of comedy at least in a few scenes. But Mithai fails miserably to generate the required comedy. A very thin story was developed into a feature film with a few absurd scenes. Inspired by some Bolly movies, the director seems to be attempting a failed hatke comedy. Most of the film was shot in bars, with the main duo still being portrayed as drunkards. In terms of characterization, that’s fine, but it gets monotonous to see back-to-back bar scenes.

PriyaDarshi, Rahul Ramakrishna acted with ease. VivekSagar’s music is unforgettable in this movie

Good points :

Negative points :

  • Failed comedy
  • Bad casting

‘Mithai’ is a B-grade movie that tries to market itself as a trendy comedy movie. No sequence being able to make the audience laugh, this film is avoidable.

Telugu360 Note 1/5

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