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Smart (Now showing in theaters)

Rated R – For themes of language, violence, gore and adults.
Well my friends, that moment has returned. Summer is ending, the weather is getting colder, Walmart has Halloween decorations for sale, and horror movies have started pouring into theaters.
The first to walk out the door this season is Smart, a really disturbing entry into the horror genre, but unlike so many other generic horror films, this one is actually original and well-crafted and frankly, very good.
Madison Mitchell, played by Annabelle Wallis (Discovery of Star Trek), is a woman in the midst of what can only be described as a rough life, and as we meet her that life gets decidedly rougher.
Telling you much more would be a disservice both to you and to the intention of the filmmakers. It’s a movie that deserves to be spoiler-free, because the twist is so good and doesn’t go out of left field; eagle-eyed viewers with a penchant for solving mysteries may actually be able to piece it together.
Smart surprised me. It was entertaining and clever in a way hard to find in this particular genre.
It also has an excellent supporting cast from George Young (rather a newbie) portrait of Detective Kekoa Shaw, to Ingrid Bisu (The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It) Winnie, CSI agent, sick of love. Casting is obviously a game for this movie, and no one is just gesturing for a paycheck.
Smart has real times when you ask – What the hell is going on? – but at no time do you feel that your intelligence is taken for granted.
I gave this one solid three out of five stars because it is quirky, smart, and worth seeing in black cinema with friends or relatives.
Just a good ol ‘thriller horror movie that’s not about gore. (There are some – it’s not overkill or free – but be forewarned.)
Check it out! It is worth the price of admission.

CORRECTION: Last week I reviewed John carter and by mistake, I only gave this film two stars when my intention was to give it three stars. Sorry, guys.

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