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AAnother steadfast director enters the Malayalam film industry, Roshni Dinaker. ‘My Story’ is a film that demonstrates the profession that is not that of a beginner. It is a love story portrayed on a colorful and unique canvas. But, the engaging storytelling of the first half is followed by a cliched flashback that made it a regular story. However, Parvathy’s performance in double roles and the wonderful landscapes of Europe make the film interesting.

The on-screen presence of the Prithviraj-Parvathy suit after ‘Ennu Ninte Moideen’ helped make the chemistry work. The film is the background for ‘My Story. Prithviraj becomes superstar Jay in a movie within the movie. The middle-aged man remembers his love at the start of his career. Parvathy becomes Thara in this flashback. Most parts of the film are shot in Lisbon, the capital of the European country, Portugal.

The film progresses by mixing the two stages of Jay as an actor who has reached Lisbon for the shooting of his first film and a lover who is looking for his partner Thara after 20 years. What makes the story interesting despite the familiar theme and predictable climax is the storytelling style that combines two different stages of life. Shankar Mahadevan’s screenplay is reminiscent of Bollywood films. Sometimes we can even think of it as “Titanic” with a film background. Although the dialogues are too poetic, they are beautifully written and adapted to the situations. Otherwise, the plot is like an inflated balloon. The factors that saved it are the new visuals and performance of the Prithvi-Parvathy combo.

Even as the film travels through Jay’s memories, the life of Thara and her Portuguese-raised daughter Hima is also an integral part of it. Parvathy has shown excellent performances as a “cliché” girlfriend who ran away from a wealthy boyfriend and as a not-so-familiar European hippie girl. It was yet another performance by Parvathy that shows how well she excels her predecessors and contemporaries. Her lively performance saved the boring second half and also helped the film overcome the melodramatic. While the moment Thara reveals her love to Jay on stage is too dramatic, her presence made it different.

Prithviraj put on a decent performance as a middle aged super star and first hero. Tamil actor Gnaesh Venkatraman stars as the rich hero who arrives as the actress’ fiance. Maniyanpilla Raju, Manoj K Jayan and Nandu are the other actors. As the film revolves around Jay, Thara and Hima, there is minor importance to the other actors. Dudley Vinod Perumal who directed the cinematography for “Chennai Express” captured the visuals for the film.

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