Netflix has apologized for the inappropriate poster for the upcoming French film Cutie.

Cuties is an upcoming French comedy based on the story of an 11-year-old Senegalese girl struggling between her family’s cultural values ​​and modern, fascinating life.

At one trigger point, she joined a dance club called Cutie where she was seen adult dancing with other dancers. Cuties has already premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January and released I France on August 19.

The film is slated for international release on Netflix on September 9. Since the film was already all the rage at Sundance, Netflix has been advertising it. In the poster, they showed the main character posing seductively in a crop top and cropped shorts. It was well exposed.

People don’t seem happy with this and have taken the help of tweeting by writing that minors should be displayed like this. After that, people started posting on YouTube trailers that Netflix hurts by showing minors in such a pose and that there were dislikes on the YouTube channel.

Therefore, for all of these reasons, Netflix has taken the help of tweeting to apologize and let the audience know that they are sorry for the inappropriate illustration of Cuties. They updated the photo as well as the description on YouTube.

If Netflix wants to conquer the French film market, it must make the right choice. We may be advanced with time and the network, but children are still considered children. We cannot reverse the process or make progress with it. There is a correct time for everything.

The film :

Director Maimouna Doucoure said she was inspired to write this film and direct it by a group of girls.

She saw 11 year old girls dancing sensually in a very short dress for their parents’ audience. It was fascinating but also disturbing due to their minor age. She wondered if these little girls were aware of what they were doing. We live in a world where social media shrinks the world a lot.

If, as a child, he admires someone, he is always aligned to imitate that personality. Finally, what would be the result? And that’s what the French director is trying to deliver through the film.

To conclude:

Thanks to recent posters of the movie cutie, he’s already shown viewers the trailer on YouTube. Now, since Netflix has apologized and made the changes to the description, we can only hope that the film can grab audiences. Wait until September 9th until it hits Netflix screens.

Until they stay tuned with us for more information on upcoming films and controversies.

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