New Year’s Eve: How to have a good New Year!

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27.12.2011 – Insurance tip

Whether missiles, guns or party bangers: At the turn of the year, many let it really crack. In Germany alone, New Year’s Eve firecrackers worth over 100 million euros fly into the air. 1 Not always that runs smoothly. Whether a rocket damages the façade of the house or one injures oneself when firing a blast – many damages can be avoided.

Traditionally, fireworks and boulders are lit on New Year’s Eve to greet the New Year. A considerable potential for danger – above all reckless and improper handling of rockets & Co. leads to accidents and injuries every year. CosmosDirekt explains which insurance will pay for the damage in case of emergency and which tips should be taken into account on New Year’s Eve.

The most common New Year’s Eve damages – and when the insurance pays

Own injuries from rockets or boulders:

Dealing with fireworks is dangerous: In the case of injuries that lead to permanent damage, the accident insurance comes into effect. However, if the damage has been caused by dealing with self-made or illegal Böllern, the insurance can refuse the payment.

Infringement of third parties by fireworks:

If a rocket goes in the wrong direction and a bystander gets hurt, private liability insurance is important because personal injury can quickly become expensive. The insurance pays, if the damage was caused by the negligent handling of fireworks and at the same time repels unauthorized claims of third parties. However, she does not pay for intent!

Damage to the house:

Homeowners insurance covers damage caused by exploding firecrackers on their premises – for example, when a rocket sets fire to the roof of a thatched house. Follow-up costs incurred, for example, by extinguishing water are also covered.

Damage in the house:

If a rocket gets lost in its own four walls and incinerates the furniture there, the household contents insurance replaces the damage incurred. But best close the windows on New Year’s Eve, so that nothing can get into the apartment!

Damage to the car:

Should there be any damage to the vehicle on New Year’s Eve, because a rocket was not fired correctly, the “sender” of the fireworks body is liable. If the causer is known, his private liability insurance pays the damage. Fire or explosion damage to the car is already covered by the partial coverage insurance. The comprehensive insurance covers if the car was willfully damaged and the offender can not be determined.

Ten tips for a safe turn of the year

  1. Only use fireworks approved by the Federal Institute for Materials Research. These can be recognized by the printed approval mark, which always starts with the letters “BAM” (eg BAM-PII-0537).
  2. New Year’s Eve rockets should never be fired from the hand, but always from sturdy pipes or bottles. It is best to use a drinks box with empty bottles. A battery firework can be secured with two bricks against falling over.
  3. Firecrackers are not owned by children. For them, only small fireworks of the first class is allowed, such as sparklers, crackers and table fireworks.
  4. Lightning, firecrackers, fountains, rockets or fireworks are among the class two fireworks. They may only be detonated by persons over the age of 18 – and that only on New Year’s Eve from 6 pm until the New Year’s morning at 7 am.
  5. Never ignite firecrackers indoors – or on the balcony!
  6. Beware of duds. Never fire the fireworks a second time.
  7. In order to observe the hustle and bustle of the New Year’s sky without accidents, always keep a sufficient distance from the fireworks and do without wide pockets and hoods.
  8. It is best to close all windows, skylights or balcony doors on New Year’s Eve and remove flammable objects from the balcony.
  9. Car roofs or hoods should not be used as a “launching pad” for rockets, Chinaböller or the like – because the direct contact with the body can cause ugly traces of smoke on the paint.
  10. The safest way to drive your own car is through the New Year’s Eve – or in a quiet side street where hardly any firecrackers are detonated.
  • New Year’s Eve: How to have a good New Year! 119 KB

  • 1 Trade Association Germany #

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