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Movie: Odiyan
Rating: 2/5
Daggubati Creations

To throw: Mohanlal, Manju Warrior, Prakash Raj, Innocent, Narien, Nandu and others

The music: Jayachandran, Sam CS

Cinematography: Shaji Kumar

Editing : John Kutty

Action: Peter Hein

Written and directed by: Shrikumar Menon

Release date: December 14, 2018

Legendary Malayalam actor Mohanlal has also become very popular in Telugu lately thanks to movies like ‘Janatha Garage’, ‘Manamantha’ and ‘Manyam Puli’.

His latest “Odiyan” generated a lot of buzz. Let’s analyze this movie.

Odiyan Manikyam (Mohan Lal) returns to his village after nearly 15 years away. He has a reason to come back.

His sole purpose is to protect Prabha (Manju Warrier) and his family from the villain (Prakash Raj) after he returns.

What is Manikyam’s story and what is his connection to Prabha? This forms the rest of the film.

Artist services:
Mohanlal, the legendary actor is impeccable in this role of Odiyan. He lost a lot of weight for this role. But his action stunts are not as effective as we saw in ‘Manyam Puli’.

Manju Warrier as a mature woman gave compelling performances. Prakash Raj played the regular villain role with ease.

Technical Excellence:
The action stunts are composed by Peter Hein but they aren’t great. The waterfalls are okay; the cinematography is good.

The production design is appreciable. The slow pace of the film tests patience.

Strong points:

Interesting concept


Poor execution
Slow pace
Lack of strengths
Common revenge scenes

To analyse
“Odiyan” is a person belonging to a mythical clan. According to the movie, they are like magicians with the ability to change shape. In northern Kerala, Odiyans were used to terrorize people to death by appearing in animal forms at night. The film is based on this legend.

Mohanlal performed “Odiyan” and the beginning of the movie tells this story along with the various tricks of odiyans appearing as animals

For the first half of the movie, we don’t understand where this movie is heading. Once the core thread is revealed that Mohanlal is trying to protect Manju Warrier and is on a mission to get revenge, the whole exercise in the second half gets pretty boring. Poor execution by the director defeats the intent.

The director has an interesting background story but his screenplay, slow-paced narration spoiled the proceedings. Moreover, the film turns out to be an exercise in replicating “Manyam Puli”.

While Peter Hein’s action choreography in “Manyam Puli” was the main highlight, here the stunts happening in the dark fail to impress. Although some of the waterfalls are really stunning, the rest lacks dhum.

Mohan Lal’s character also lacks appeal. Its various animal avatars and other procedures are not at all worthy of applause. The romantic scenes and the villain persona are reminiscent of old movies from the 60s and 70s.

There’s a lot of building for Odiyan’s character and his special powers, but really the action he does is a wet squib. So, it turns out it’s much ado about nothing.

The love story in the second half further tests patience although Mohanlal looks lovely as a young man here as he had lost a lot of weight for these scenes. He looked really young.

Overall, despite the mythical concept, the film is lackluster with uninspiring scenes, a long running time, and old-fashioned sequences. It is a film below the average of Mohanlal.

At the end of the line : Disappointing!

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