‘Queenpins’ gives ‘Extreme Couponing’ a mediocre and disappointing criminal twist | Movie reviews


“Queenpins” could have worked in good hands, unfortunately the script fails these characters and their story. Although there is little character development, the characters continue to randomly state the subtext aloud. We don’t know the details of Connie and JoJo’s scam, or why their customers might be buying from them. The script tells us too much but not enough, but worst of all, it’s not funny at all. The film assumes viewers will find its characters and their antics hilarious, and complements them with squeaky scatological humor.

How we as an audience are supposed to feel about the anti-heroines Connie and JoJo is baffling. Music and camera signals suggest we need to cheer them on as girlboss prostitutes, but there is no basis for justifying their crimes. The victims are massive limited companies, but it is suggested that what they are doing is wrong because these companies will not be able to pay taxes.

A streak in which Connie and JoJo attempt to launder their “dirty money” by buying a bunch of guns and selling them to a local separatist militia is upsetting, but it positions itself as a bargaining gain for JoJo (accompanied by ‘a baffling celebration fantasy dance sequence), proving just how unable filmmakers are to frame their female antiheroes. The spectator’s loyalties have no place to land, except with Ken continually humiliated.

“Hustlers” showed us just how much some men deserve to be robbed, which makes it easier for these female criminals to take root, even though they still suffered the consequences. Amazon’s upcoming “Lularich” docuseries illustrate how bored and struggling housewives are susceptible to scams wrapped in the promise of entrepreneurship. “Queenpins” does nothing but waste your time with bad wigs and poo jokes, and it’s the biggest crime of all.


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