Report: Rotten Tomatoes Named Best Movie Rating Database

Erik Gruenwedel

Rotten Tomatoes has been named the most reliable and fair movie ratings database, according to a data-driven study by BacanaPlay, a UK-based gaming operator.

The Movie Ratings study pulled ratings from more than 350 recently released movies, examining IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Amazon-owned Metacritic to determine which platforms had the most accurate ratings.

Although Rotten Tomatoes is often seen as an unforgiving rating platform, analysis revealed that it should be the go-to resource for an accurate portrayal of a movie. This is because the database provides a more accurate representation of third-party ratings, including the fewest discrepancies.

The reliability of the three databases was calculated based on the average ratings of the critically acclaimed films – the Best Picture Oscar winners and those with the most Oscar nominations and wins – and any major discrepancies between ratings of recent movies.

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The study found there was a 13% difference in accuracy and reliability between ratings reported on Rotten Tomatoes and those on IMDb, with the latter also reporting up to 33% less for some movies than the other bases. of data.

Rotten Tomatoes was also named the least harsh and fair rating platform overall, based on the average ratings given to recently released, critically acclaimed films. The average film listed on Rotten Tomatoes holds a respectable 7.1/10 rating, while those featured on Metacritic are rated 11% lower with an average rating of 6.4/10.

Rotten Tomatoes also saw the slightest fluctuation in movie ratings compared to other platforms – while Metacritic and IMDb showed vastly different ratings for the same titles.

When it came to showing preferential treatment of certain genres over others, Rotten Tomatoes was as culpable as the other two databases, with drama movies scoring an average 53% higher than drama movies. ‘stock. The most preferential treatment, however, was reported by Metacritic, with a 53% rating difference between drama and action movies on the platform.

The report suggests that people have a different perception of a movie depending on which database they consult, with some platforms giving more airtime to unnecessarily negative reviews than others, ultimately skewing the picture. accuracy of their rating platform.

“People should use Rotten Tomatoes as a true benchmark for judging a movie’s caliber — and take the other two databases with a grain of salt,” the report read.

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