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Rough diamonds, “Good Time” and “Uncut Gems” films

“Good times” (2017); To classify
After their failed bank robbery, Connie Nikas (Robert Pattinson) goes on a 24-hour jaunt to free her intellectually disabled brother from Rikers Island.
“Uncut Gems” (2019); To classify
Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler), a jewelry dealer in New York’s Diamond District, struggles to sort out his problem gambling with his estranged family, debt collectors, and his own well-being.

I first saw “Good Time” in 2019, right before the Uncut Gems trailer released on YouTube later in the year. The Safdie Brothers have plenty of other directing, writing, and acting credits – Heaven Knows What, Lenny Cooke, Daddy Longlegs, The Pleasure of Being Robbed – as well as wacky YouTube shorts and street pranks. With that said, I recommend you watch these two genre-defining crime thrillers, and I recommend you watch them back to back.
“Good Time” and “Uncut Gems” both have unforgettable top performances. The two combine synthwave jazz with tight camera work to create frenzied viewing experiences. Both complement each other’s ideas and themes about institutions and individuals; wealth and poverty; kindness and cruelty.
Robert Pattinson is one of the best actors working today. I mean, who else could have brought the role of Edward Cullen to life like this? But for the real outdated “Twilight” jokes, just watch “The Devil All The Time”, “Tenet”, “The Lighthouse”, “High Life” and, most importantly, “Good Time”.
Pattinson’s Connie Nikas is capable of whatever the problem; It is no coincidence that his full first name is Constantine, which means “unshakable” in Latin. However, don’t confuse his skill with kindness. Throughout “Good Time,” Connie lies, steals, manipulates people and abandons them as soon as they run out of usefulness. Yet without redeeming herself for her nastiness, Connie steadfastly loves her brother Nick (Benny Safdie) and devotes her ruse to bailing out Nick from Rikers. While Safdie’s Nick deserves credit – I was moved to tears during her opening scene – it’s Connie’s reflective ability to be kind and take advantage of the kindness of others that makes for a great time. of movie.
Adam Sandler and his colon shine in “Uncut Gems” as Howard Ratner. His character can be summed up by the lines of Sandler; imagine him beaten and crying, “I don’t know what to do… Everything I’m doing is not going well… I have to understand that.” Throughout the film, Howard juggles ten different bets, debts, pawns, scams, and relationships all at once. Like fighting a hydra, Howard’s actions and inactions only cause more problems. Compared to Connie, when Howard lies, he’s unconvincing; when he cheats, he gets caught; when he tries to get people to do what he wants, they don’t; and when he is violent he is outmatched. Regardless of trouble after trouble, Sandler’s performance excites audiences at his character’s rush to think, “Just one more bet, this is it, I can feel it,” is likely to excite the audience. public.
The contrast between Howard and Connie illustrates how Connie’s antagonisms are primarily external – the bond system, law enforcement, institutional bureaucracy – while Howard’s are primarily internal – insecurity, addictive tendencies, l ‘incompetence. However, these two antagonisms bring the characters in a stress and a precariousness with which the public can sympathize: the only false move, the skidding.
By immersing you in the exploits of Connie and Howard at a breakneck pace, the Safdie brothers will allow you to root yourself in the characters, even if you keep in mind the terrible and ridiculous things the characters do. I will be looking for future Safdies projects. Until then, tell me what you think of “Good Time”, “Uncut Gems” and the Safdie Brothers. My reading of films is one of many. For the notes, here are mine: for “Uncut Gems”, 480 out of 600 carats of an Ethiopian black opal gemstone; for “Good Time,” $ 8,000 out of $ 10,000 ruined by a dye pack.


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