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3.5/ 5

Featured actors:
Arun Vijay, Tanya Hope, Vidya Pradeep, Sonia Agarwal, Fefsi Vijayan

Magij Thirumeni

Thadam brings back the combo of Magizh Thirumeni and Arun Vijay. These two personalities have impressed filmmakers with their skill at delivering films with a thriller angle. Thadam looks like a movie that would be a cut above their previous movies. Did Thadam manage to live up to expectations? Read our review on Thadam for the answers.


Thadam tells the story of Kavin and Ezhil. Kavin is a petty thief while Ezhil runs a business. Things go wrong when one of them is accused of committing murder.

Screenplay and production

Action thrillers are common in Tamil films but Magizh Thirumeni, the writer and filmmaker knows how to take his films a different path while remaining in this genre. Thadam is a recent example that showcases the writer-director’s ability to create thrillers with a sharp edge.

The film‘s script is tight and it doesn’t allow the predictability factor to enter anywhere in the scene. The ‘Whodunit’ films have a format and here Magizh Thirumeni tried to innovate while remaining in the format, which is very appreciable. It’s a fact that the movie has moments behind it in the first half, where the storyline takes a long time to establish the characters as well as get to the central plot.

Nonetheless, Magizh Thirumeni adds the requisite pace and style when it comes to the highlight of the investigative thriller. He skilfully packed by keeping the suspense until the end. The director’s signature has been completely established, especially in the second half of the film where you just can’t take your eyes off the proceedings. The twists are compelling and they have been presented in adequate detail.


Arun Vijay is top notch in Thadam as he adds the required intensity to both characters. A measured performance that does the film a lot of good. Smrithi Venkat, Tanya Hope, and Vidya Pradeep were good at their roles. Sonia Agarwal achieves a good performance. The performances of other actors like FEFSI Vijayan, Yogi Babu etc., were also adequate.

Other aspects

Gopinath’s cinematography added the required intensity to the film. The editing is fine and precise as it is not easy to keep pace convincingly. Arun Raj’s music is also good although the songs act as speed bumps.

Good points

Arun Vijay’s performance

The excellent packaging of Magizh Thirumeni

The second half which is a one-turn thriller


The initial lag in the first half


Thadam is a cleverly written and cleverly packaged film that keeps audiences’ curiosity intact until the end.

Article first published: Friday March 1, 2019 at 12:11 p.m. [IST]

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