THUMBS UP! Ebert Productions brings movie reviews back to TV

Chaz Ebert, CEO of Ebert Productions, publisher of, the world’s preeminent destination for film preview, has started development of a new TV series that will bring movie reviews back to TV, but with a twist. . In partnership with Lights Camera Jackson Productions, “Everybody’s A Critic” is a modern take on the classic movie review format: Part, Roundtable, Game Show, Part of Criticism and – all movies!

“We can think of no better way to honor Roger’s legacy than to bring back to television and viewing platforms what he and audiences loved so much,” said Ebert, who was executive producer and showrunner on Ebert presents: at the cinema.

“Of course classics, like great movies, never go out of style, but I’m excited to be a part of a contemporary show that combines our love of cinema with the art of acting. I invited Jackson to our show of criticism, Ebert presents: at the cinema, ten years ago, and today I am proud to co-produce with him a unique film review format project that he created, which combines his in-depth knowledge of cinema with a modern touch of acting and interactivity for the viewer, ”said Ebert.

“Everybody’s A Critic” features a diverse and rotating panel of movie critics from across the country who have lively discussions about big, new releases and little gems, both in theaters and streaming. At the same time, they are competing for top honors and a cash donation to a charity on their behalf. The show is hosted by Emmy-winning film critic and host Jackson Murphy, who brings his great energy and in-depth film knowledge to the project.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of this show,” Murphy said. “I remember when Chaz invited me, when I was only 12, to participate in Ebert Presents and I met Roger. It is an honor to bring a new movie reviews show to digital audiences. As well as being a movie guy, I’ve always loved game shows and talk shows, so this is the perfect mix. “

Cinephiles are coming back to the cinema. Production companies are back in full swing, making movies for theaters and streaming services. Now is the perfect time for the long-awaited reboot of the film review series, in an exciting and entertaining format. And “EAC” viewers will also have an interactive role in the show, because, after all, everyone is a critic!

Also on the development team are Sonia Smith-Evans, who oversaw “Ebert Presents: At The Movies” producer and longtime media creator Dan Murphy.

Source: Youtube

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About Lights Camera Jackson Productions
Lights Camera Jackson Productions is the creative division of award-winning content creator, interviewer, film critic, announcer and host Jackson Murphy. The company is credited with regularly producing online features, including the “LCJ Q&A Podcast,” which features major guests from film and television; the weekly live broadcast series “LCJ Live”; the “Rapid Reviews” film review series; and co-produced the “2 Fast / 2 Films” podcast.

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