Torrelavega modifies the budget to allocate 3.6 million to investments and advance in “ending” the debt

Torrelavega modifies the budget to allocate 3.6 million to investments and advance in "ending" the debt

  • The plenary session of the Torrelavega City Council has approved on Thursday the first budget modification of 2017, amounting to 5.6 million, most of which, 3.6 million, will go to investments in the municipality, the bulk of them "consensual " Another part of the amount will go to amortize debt to "finish" with it, which will allow facing "better" works such as the burial of the train tracks as it passes through the center of the city, a project that will be paid by 20% for the Consistory.

This has been highlighted from the groups that support the government team, PRC and PSOE, which have finally had the favorable vote of the Civic Assembly Torrelavega (ACPT) to take forward this modified group that had abstained in the Finance Committee . And although they were not going to pronounce either for or against, Torrelavega Can and Torrelavega Yes, in the end they said 'no', while PP has maintained the abstention announced.

Therefore, in the session, of an ordinary nature, the amendment submitted by the bipartite has been given the green light and a proposal for assembly training was incorporated, which also included the "yes" of the popular ones, including a starting of 10,000 euros for the adaptation of the rehearsal facilities that are being built next to the university campus.

The 3.6 million item includes investments for the Sierrapando Civic Center (81,000 euros); the first annuity for the acquisition of land for the summer pool in an urban area (100,000 euros); 210,000 euros for the purchase of premises in Plaza Chanete; 300,000 euros for the Extraordinary Fund of Supplies and Foods; 621,000 euros for the annuality of parking at height; 236,000 euros for the urbanization of Hermilio Alcalde del Río; 284,794 euros for the urbanization of Barrio Insa; 250,000 euros for the purchase of street cleaning machinery; 55,000 euros for the Ara del Dobra playground; 132,000 euros for the urbanization of Fernando Arce; or 120,000 euros for the floor of the pavilion of Old Havana, among other actions.

Likewise, in the approved budget amendment, a provision of 1.8 million euros is contemplated for loan repayment, which will wait for the General State Budgets to define whether the remainder can be used for other purposes than debt amortization.


Of the groups that have opposed the modified, Torrelavega may have justified its rejection because the proposed change follows the same "dynamic" of the "ineffective" budgets. In this sense, they consider that the fact that it is presented "two months" after the approval of the accounts reflects the "terrible" management of the local team, which they warn that they will not support as long as there are no "priority" investments that " revert to people "instead of continuing" giving them to builders and banks.

Torrelavega Yes has been positioned against the "broad" budget amendment, by 15% of the global amount, which also shows the "mismanagement" of regionalists and socialists with the figures of 2016, they have "left" almost 6 million. As for the proposed destination, consider that the new investments announced are destined to "disconnected" works that do not define the city model, but only "it is to spend millions" that regionalists and socialists have not been able to do so last year . In this sense, they criticize that a swimming pool is attempted, even if "there is no space" but "because a party asks for it", and other "non-voting" ones are not contemplated, such as the rehabilitation of the Town Hall, the Mountain or the Children's Walk, or "talk" of a plan to reactivate trade "with what is necessary".

Since the PP have abstained to consider that the modified has a "bittersweet." The "sour" part is the one that reflects the "failure" of the management of the government parties, which have only used 84% of the 2016 budget, but not the remaining 16%, and only 40% have been executed of the planned investment and 83% of social spending. This shows that socialists and regionalists must be "more agile", has held the 'popular' Natividad Fernandez, exconcejala on the subject, who has wondered why they have raised 5.6 million citizens if they have not been employed, with what, he added, could have been asked for "20% less" in taxes. The "sweet" part is, according to this councilor, that they are going to add to the budgetary document of this year already agreed investments, such as the summer pool or the covering of runways in New City and Tanos, "many" of them requested by the Popular Municipal Group.

On the other side, ACPT has supported the modified "expected", recalling that "it is not the first time that budget stability is broken", although it has accompanied the 'yes' of criticism, such as those related to items that destined to social services, area where "something is happening". As an example, he referred to the extraordinary fund for food supply, as there are families plunged into "uncertainty" because they have not yet received the expected help and others have.

And on the 1.8 million expected to repay debt, ACPT believes that evidence of "work done wrong". Still, they value that the City will have "zero debt", which "is good", because it will allow major works to be undertaken in the coming years that will force this administration to borrow. Even with everything, they need, "it's not good that every year there's money left over".

The current mayor of Finance, regionalist Pedro Perez Noriega, has clarified that the amended budget is presented "two months after" the approval of the accounts, as has been done "all life", after the liquidation of the previous year . And he has bet in this sense to make the change "as soon as possible" to move forward and execute the works "as soon as possible".

From the other party of the government team, the socialist Jose Luis Urraca has underlined the commitment, with this modified, of commitments announced two months ago, when the figures were approved for this year, so he concluded that "we are working according to what was planned ". On the promises made, has cited the acquisition of land for the summer pool, subsidies to rehabilitate facades, to expand the niches in the cemetery Rio Cabo or for the playground in Sierrapando. With this, the mayor of the PSOE has predicted that next year will be able to "end the debt" of Torrelavega with budget modifications like that, which are made "four or five a year," he stressed.

And the City Council will thus be in a "better" situation to face actions such as the burying of train tracks as it passes through the center of the city, as this administration will contribute 20% of the work., Which will also cover the ministry of Development and the regional government.


On the other hand, the Plenary has addressed the contract program Aguas Torrelavega 2017, which has had the support of all groups except Torrelavega Can, which has abstained because it considers a "priority" the dredging of the dam and advocates Do not expect funding from other administrations, as Torrelavega does. Yes, for that reason he has voted against while considering that it is necessary to "clean up" the current sediment infrastructure.

It has also approved the request for direct concession presented by the Asociación Cocinart Torrelavega for the organization of the third gastronomic congress -in 2016- with the 'yes' of PRC-PSOE, the abstention of PP and Torrelavega Can, and the 'no' of ACPT and Torrelavega Yes, and a motion by the latter group to demand compliance with the commitments made to reindustrialize the Besaya region.

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