Vidya Balan talks about getting help

Vidya Balan, who has been criticized for her fashion statements over the years as well as her shameful body, has spoken of seeking help from a healer and is on a path to self-acceptance.

In an interview with Bollywood bubble, Balan revealed that she works to block negative comments and become more accepting of her body. She remembered the days when she would refrain from leaving the house due to constant judgment.

Balan said those days were “very wicked”. However, the actor explained that she no longer reads anything but that before, her “nervousness in itself did not bring out the best” of her.

The actor then explained how she came to terms with the fact that she couldn’t be “perfect” ????. Balan explained that sometimes, even when a stylist gave him the “fashion perfect” ???? look, she was still being criticized.

“Accept myself. I have been working with a healer for many years now. And it really helped. Because self-acceptance gives me a purpose in life, ”she added.

Previously speaking with Hindustan times, Vidya Balan also spoke of her own experience with sexism and said, “Misogyny is so intrinsic to the patriarchal mindset, in which we are all imbued, that it is difficult to get rid of it easily. », ???? she said.

Citing her own example, she revealed that she herself has been a target of sexism even today, even though it is “less now than before”.

Meanwhile, Vidya Balan starred Sherni released on Friday on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform. The film directed by Amit V Masurkar revolves around a female forester who fights patriarchal stigma to resolve a man-to-nature conflict, while her abilities are constantly questioned by the senior officers around her.

Check out what audiences are saying about the film here:

One of the viewers took to Twitter and wrote, “Wonderfully scripted with appropriate value for the facts on the ground. Technical nuances are filmed realistically. Congratulations also for verifying the strength of the female front line staff. #Sherni will definitely be a pioneer and motivate more women in forestry ”.

“I watched #Sherni, I really liked the movie, it shows the real issues beautifully, the real situations, how a government employee fights and loses. It’s not a happy movie. If you expect any suspense or a thriller, you will be horribly disappointed, ”another tweet read.

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