What are the initial reactions from critics?

The wait for The Batman is exorbitant as the release of the film draws closer. Directed by Matt Reeves, DC’s next film will feature an all-new version of The Dark Knight, played by Robert Pattinson. The Batman is set to explore Bruce Wayne’s second year as Gotham’s protector, with the film taking a deep dive into the character’s detective roots amid the city’s crime-infested roots.

In the film, Pattinson will be joined by characters straight from Batman’s rogues gallery, which includes Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle, Colin Farrell as Penguin, and Paul Dano as the main villain, Riddler. Details of the plot of The Batman are still being kept under wraps, but the sleuthing angle combined with the impressive fight sequences seen so far in official footage should build the hype for its upcoming release.


Now, the first reactions from critics have arrived, giving fans a taste of what to expect in the film.

Batman’s First Reactions Officially Arrive


Ahead of the film’s March 4 release, the press shared their first reactions to Robert Pattinson The Batman on social networks.

Chris Killian from the comics share this The Batman East “like a living, breathing graphic novel that comes to life”, saying it’s grounded in realism like Christopher Nolan’s movies:


“#TheBatman is like a living graphic novel brought to life.

It’s steeped in realism like Nolan’s movies but infused with a neo-noir pulp that captures Batman’s comic book vibe better than anything since the animated series. Matt Reeves understands bats.”

Fandango’s Erik Davis describe The Batman like a “fierce crime drama punctuated with moments of incredibly visceral action:”

“I’ve seen #TheBatman and it’s a fierce crime drama punctuated with incredibly visceral action moments. Matt Reeves’ direction is dark, deep, intense and awash with instantly iconic imagery. A live-action BATMAN movie like no other other. I’ve seen. Brilliant and badass. BIG recommend.”

Brandon Davis from comics rented The Batman director Matt Reeves, saying he “mixes multiple Batman stories into a raw, real-life version of an epic dark detective:”

“#TheBatman is a good, visceral movie. Matt Reeves smashes multiple Batman stories into a raw, real-life version of an epic noir detective. A long, impressive cinematic journey.”

Collider’s Steven Weintraub admitted that he “absolutely loved it” the film while praising cinematographer Greig Fraser, score by Michael Giacchino and production design by James Chinlund:


“absolutely **adored** @mattreevesLA #TheBatman. Reeves has made an incredible film that happens to be the star of Batman. Cinema on display from all departments is brilliant. @GreigFraser_dp cinematographer + @m_giacchino score + The design of James Chinlund’s production is superb.”

Umberto Gonzales of The Wrap with audacity claims that Reeves finally gave to fans “the most comedic depiction of the Dark Knight Detective:”

“Matt Reeves #TheBatman FINALLY gives us the most comically accurate portrayal of the DARK KNIGHT DETECTIVE in film. The film for me is a tribute to great Batman writers like Denny O’Neil, Frank Miller and Jeph Loeb. Pattinson did his homework and delivered. #TheBatmanMovie.”

Ace Awards Editor Erick Weber share this The Batman is the “the most artistically stunning CBM ever made:”

“Cinema of spectacular order, #TheBatman is the most artistically stunning CBM ever made, Matt Reeves wows with a sprawling detective tale showcasing the magnificence of Greig Fraser, bathing Gotham in an amber glow, Robert Pattinson owns brooding Batman, WB has a winner—9.5”

Collider’s Perri Nemiroff admitted this The Batman exceeded her expectations saying she loves “how specific this Batman feels to [Robert] Pattinson:”


“#TheBatman far exceeded my expectations, even as a longtime Matt Reeves fan. LOTS of love like how unique this Batman is to Pattinson. But my 2 favorite things about this movie? The vibes of Riddler’s horror and Greig Fraser’s cinematography.”

Flick Direct’s Allison Rose praised Pattinson’s performance while sharing that the “the dark and twisted nature of the story combined with Reeves’ direction and acting” makes the film appealing to the masses:

“Die Hard Batman fans may be skeptical of Pattinson, but he does a great job as a caped crusader; less like Bruce Wayne but fortunately, we see more the first than the second. The dark and twisted nature of the story, combined with the interpretation of Reeves Direction and Pattinson, makes this Batman movie one that will appeal to the masses while paying homage to the spirit of the vigilante dressed as a bat.

Duane Miller from the Cinemania World Podcast describe The Riddler by Paul Dano as “creepy” while Pattinson’s Batman as “emotional ruminant” hero:

“#TheBatman will go down as one of the best comic book movies for a long time. The script, performances, sets and visual storytelling were phenomenal. Robert Pattinson shines as an emotional Batman alongside Paul Dano’s terrifying Riddler. Matt Reeves “modern masterpiece.”

Star Ledger’s Amy Kuperinsky applauded Zoë Kravitz’s performance as Selina Kyle while saying Colin Farrel’s Penguin “has a debt to Tony Soprano:”


“Here’s my #TheBatman review. I liked it. The Battinson lives to fly (hover?) another day. Bruce Wayne’s Cobainification is a good bat costume for Robert Pattinson. Zoë Kravitz narrates it as Selina Kyle The Penguin is indebted to Tony Soprano.”

Scott Menzel, Vice President of the Sunset Awards describe the plot of the film as “grounded in reality, even more so than Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy:”

“The Batman is unlike any other Batman movie before it. The plot is grounded in reality, even more so than Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

#TheBatman is more of a detective story than a superhero movie. The cast is very good, with Colin Ferrell and Paul Dano being the film’s MVPs.”

Diego Andaluz, certified reviewer of Rotten Tomatoes claims this The Batman East “The best-crafted Batman movie of all time:”

“WOW. #TheBatman is the BEST engineered Batman movie EVER. Robert Pattinson is PERFECT for the role and Matt Reeves’ direction shines with all departments firing on all cylinders. A masterful technical achievement that becomes one of the greatest comic book movies of all time.”

Jenna Anderson from comics share that the movie is “absolutely packed with style and a surprising sense of humor” while admitting that she is “obsessed” on this subject:


“#TheBatman is a ridiculous, bold, and brilliant event, packed with style and a surprising sense of humor. It’s unlike anything else in this space, and that only makes me love it more than ever. every passing moment. I’m obsessed.”

Variety Tangcay Jazz unveiled that she can’t stop thinking about the performances of Paul Dano while praising those of Greig Fraser “stunning cinematography:”

“#TheBatman is a dark and thrilling ride through Gotham City, and can’t help but think of Paul Dano’s performance. Greig Fraser shines with this stunning cinematography in #TheBatman. His work here is breathtaking. Michael Giacchino delivered his best score to date.”

Dorian Parks from Geeks of Color noted that his expectations were “exceeded in every possible way” after watching the movie:

“I’ve seen #TheBatman and it’s amazing! I had high expectations for the movie and they were exceeded in every possible way. This is the Batman movie I’ve been waiting for. It’s almost 3 hours long and I would have gladly watched a 6 hour cut of this story.”

Ben Rolph from DiscussingFilm shared this The Batman is a “a must-see show that manages to exceed all expectations:”


“#TheBatman is a must-watch show that manages to exceed all expectations and gives us an iconic new Dark Knight.”

IGN’s Alex Stedman shared that the film is a “Engaging, beautiful and, at times, genuinely chilling psychological crime thriller:”

“The Batman is a gripping, beautiful, and at times downright scary psychological thriller that gives Bruce Wayne the grounded detective story he deserves.”

Jerald Uy of Jerald’s Secret HQ described The Batman like a “A solid Batman movie meant to appeal to fans of dark, grounded crime stories” while saluting the performance of its stellar cast:

“Overall, this is a solid Batman movie meant to appeal to fans of grounded, dark crime stories who see Batman more as a crime fighter than a superhero.”

Evan Dossey of the Midwest Film Journal was not a fan of The Batmanwith him saying that “it lacks grace, it lacks romance, and it lacks the brilliant sheen of novelty:”


“Say what you will about the Snyderverse, but at least it was a brave – if crazy – approach to the character. , was it even done? It lacks grace, it lacks romance, it lacks the brilliant sheen of novelty.”

Most critics love The Batman

Batman movie Riddler

The first wave of reactions to The Batman is pretty positive, and that should be a good sign for fans eager to see the film in theaters.

Based on the reactions, it seems like the detective aspect of the film gets the most attention alongside the combined power of the cast’s stellar performance and the film’s production prowess. The fact that several comments claim that The Batman is the best Batman the all-time movie is also expected to generate more anticipation as the film’s release draws closer.

The Batman director Matt Reeves previously shared that he and Warner Bros. “started talking about another movie,” and those reactions basically backed up that quote. On the contrary, it means that Warner Bros. is confident of the film’s success, and a sequel could possibly be confirmed within weeks of its release.


The Batman is set to hit theaters on March 4, 2022.


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