Why David Ayer’s Movie Reviews Are So Bad

Critics are unimpressed with David Ayer’s new crime thriller The Tax Collector. Here’s why reviews for the gritty movie are mostly negative.

Critics are less than impressed The tax collector. David Ayer’s latest crime thriller includes all the bravado expected from the male characters, and critics so far suggest the writer-director is sticking too much to a narrative formula, similar to his previous films. hard times, kings of the street, and End of guard tour. However, some critics believe that The tax collector may appeal to viewers who look past the blatant violence in front.

The tax collector stars Bobby Soto as David Cuevas and Shia LaBeouf as Creeper. In Los Angeles, the longtime friends earn money by collecting debts from local gangsters. Bobby and Creeper are more than familiar with the hierarchy in the criminal world and how things work. Assumed work, but they get a big surprise when a Mexican mobster reappears after 10 years and makes an offer they can’t refuse. The tax collector represents a return to form for Ayer, who previously managed suicide squad and Netflix movie 2017 Brilliant. The American filmmaker first made a name for himself in Hollywood writing the 2001 film training day.


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At present, The tax collector currently has a tomatometer score of 19% at Rotten Tomatoes. It seems that many of the top critics don’t like the overall vibe of the film, as Ayer does indeed include a lot of graphic depictions of murders. As for the basic storyline, many reviewers took issue with the bland nature of Ayer’s script, almost as if it was designed to appeal to longtime fans who only want the usual mayhem. Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to like about the film, or that it’s all style over substance, but the lack of storytelling and character depth seems to be a concern for many reviewers. .

Shia LaBeouf in The Tax Collector

The Los Angeles Times:

“One of the most excruciating viewing experiences of the year, ‘The Tax Collector’ relies on a banal visual language built on obvious flashbacks and bland imagery that matches the appalling unimaginative writing where every Latino in sight is a gangster.”

The New York Times:

“We’ve all seen ‘The Sopranos’, and we won’t be fooled again.”


“Bloody, barely coherent and about as much fun as having your face dragged across asphalt from a moving SUV.”

The envelope:

“He trots a lot of posturing and a lot of gang movie cliches but falls apart instead of giving us a lot to care about.”

Shia Lebeouf and Bobby Soto in Tax Collector by David Ayer

Reviewers from larger outlets may not like The tax collector dark narrative; However, it’s worth noting that Ayer’s film doesn’t appear to be an absolute disaster. As with many Los Angeles-based crime films, Ayer is seemingly trying to tap into something bigger, but through a somewhat approachable story of two friends who get in over their heads. Overall, the mostly negative reviews all highlight the usual talking points: too much violence, unrelated characters, and so on. at least don’t pay too much attention to it.

Punch Drunk reviews:

“Ayer made so many of these gang movies that he made a science out of them.”

IGN Movies:

“David Ayer’s The Tax Collector is worth seeing for the way it brings together small-scale production with outsized ambitions.”

Movies from the North Shore:

“Ayer gets some solid performances here, notably from LeBeouf as the stone-cold Creeper and a surprisingly gritty turn from comedian Lopez.”

The Weekend Warrior:

“If you like films like Training Day and equally authentic LA gang stories, then The Tax Collector should be for you.”

In the movie culture of 2020, many critics and moviegoers in general can easily dismiss Ayer’s films for what they seemingly represent. Still, some fans seem to appreciate the little nuances, whether in storylines or in a specific performance. The tax collector may seem like a male movie to some, but it does indeed feature standout performances from female performers like Cheyenne Hernandez and Cinthya Carmona.

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