Yet Another Spec Ops Vet Releases Books In Thriller Film ‘Section 8’

In the world of Hollywood cinema, there is nothing more dangerous for a family than a father and a husband with a military career in special operations. James Reece from “The Terminal List”, John Kelly/Clark from Tom Clancy’s “Without Remorse” and John Wick all have one thing in common: bad things happen to their families and their deaths set off a spiral of revenge.

“Section 8” is the latest film to tell the story of a special ops hero who sets out to avenge his family. This time the film opens with Jake the Operator already in prison serving a life sentence for murder. Villains killed his family and he took justice into his own hands.

As we all know from reading military thrillers, the governments of the world don’t want men with a particular set of skills to rot in prison, so Jake (Ryan Kwanten, “True Blood”) has the option of leaving the prison if he goes to work for a mysterious “off the books” agency.

“Section 8” will be released in theaters on September 23, 2022 and will be simulcast on AMC+. We took a look at the trailer.

Obviously, going to work for guys in suits who won’t reveal all the parameters of the mission is never a good idea, and the trailer suggests that Jake was hired to assassinate a US senator. It doesn’t sit well with a man who was willing to spend his life in prison defending his family, so things certainly aren’t going to go the way the puppeteers planned.

Have we seen a dozen or more versions of this story before? Sure, but “the special-ops guy defending the sanctity of his profession and weeding out shadow characters who want to exploit patriotism for nefarious purposes” is a plot that never gets old. It all depends on the execution.

Ryan Kwanten may not be best known for his action footage, but the production has surrounded him with a few big-name movie asskickers. Dolph Lundgren (“Universal Soldier”) and Scott Adkins (“Avengement”) appear together for the fifth time in a film. They are joined by Mickey Rourke (“Iron Man 2”) and Dermot Mulroney (“Young Guns”).

Director Christian Sesma may be best known for a series of movies with action star Luke Goss (“Paydirt,” “The Night Crew”), but a promising intel reveals he’s already finished another film ( “Lights Out”) with Scott Adkins and is in pre-production on another (“War Paint”). Adkins is legendary on the action in his footage and he loves Sesma, so chances are “Section 8” delivers.

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